Friday, February 20, 2009

Remember Why I am Here???

Not that I have a ton of readers, HI GRANDMA!!!, however the reason this blog was started was to share all the great deals I can find on here for the rest of you which I have not done yet, or at least not organized or good.... lol so a great coupon friend on AFC ( let me know she has a great site like what I wanted that she shares... so PLEASE go check it out!!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Macomb Money Savers<<<<<<<<<<<<

ALSO I forgot about this but I had an AWESOME COUPON for everyone who likes or is at least will to expeiriment with Aldi's... This is an official Aldi coupon (from website) for $5/ $30 and it doesn't end til the end of the month.

Aldi coupon Click here

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Jennifer said...

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