Sunday, November 30, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Go to Organizing Junkie to join in on the great organizational fun and also to join in on menu plan monday. This idea is her's but I love joining in on the fun. It is certainly helping me get myself in line more. Normally the idea is to do a menu for this week, but because of the holidays i wanted to plan my menu for the next month so that is simply one less thing to be concerned with.

This Week:
Monday: Taco's
Tuesday: Crock Pot Pizza
Wednesday: Stew
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Hamburger helper (I hate it but the kids and hubby like it), salad for me tonight
Saturday: Chicken Alfredo w/ ceaser salad and fresh bread (company is coming over)
Sunday: We don't plan this day because of church and we don't know where we will be for dinner

Next Week:
Monday: Baked Chicken, potatoes and salad
Tuesday: Meatloaf volcano's (I will be having ceaser salad)
Wednesday:Spaghetti and garlic/cheese bread
Thursday: Leftover's
Friday: Enchilada's and Rice
Saturday: Pasty's (or calizone's) with mashed potatoes
Sunday: We don't plan this day because of church and we don't know where we will be for dinner

Week #3
Monday: Chicken Potpie
Tuesday: Taco's
Wednesday: Baked Ziti and garlic bread with salad
Thursday: It's my birthday, so I feel I should not have to make dinner!!!
Friday: Chicken and fries
Saturday: Leftover's
Sunday: We don't plan this day because of church and we don't know where we will be for dinner

Christmas Week
Monday: Beef Stew
Tuesday: Chicken Potpie
Wednesday: Jet's PIZZA!!
Thursday: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Ham, cheesey potatoes, bread and im sure more
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Cheesy Chicken and Rice
Sunday: We don't plan this day because of church and we don't know where we will be for dinner

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas shopping, again

I went to cvs and earned ECB's for buying stuff with my ECB's and made $$ off of doing it because I had lots of coupons to go with the sales plus a few 10/50 cvs q's. So I walked in with $45 ECB's and walked out with $80 in ECB's and then went back in (doing a few transactions) and got toys for my kids, I got for my DD 2-my little pony's, 2-dora play sets, dora learn to sew pillow, DR.'s kit, tea set for her kit, and for my DS he got 2-set's of balls (stop thinking that, the little peak-a balls, like the blocks) playskool "flashlight" and a shape sorter. Also I just remember that I got my nepfew a game from there for christmas also. After everything I still have ECB's left and I spent $6 oop.
Also last week I went to Target and got some games they had on sale and used a coupon for one too, I spent $14oop there for 3 games one for DH($6) and two for DD(2-$4) but they are nice games, I also got a raincheck for two games that they did not have. One of which is a preschool cranium that was $4 and I have a $5 coupon for so I am dieing for them to get that in.

I am so very TIRED!!!

I have been on a emotinoal roller coaster latly (no im not pregnant) because I went off my med's for a couple weeks and now am back on them grr I hate the inbetween I feel tired all the time right now and I do not get anything done like I should... therefore also explaing my lack of bloggging latly I know I should be trying to think about meal plan monday but I am thinking tacos and then??? lot's of leftover tacos??? lol yeah I'm sure the family would love that. I did NOT go black friday shopping on friday, I went to cvs on thanksgiving but that was it. I enjoyed being blissfully lost in my own little world this weekend and not worrying about sales. This was because number one I don't have money to shop with, number two my DH had to work and didn't want to take kids to that kind of mess, and number 3 I am terribly lazy and hate getting up in the morning. Now I am later especially glade I didn't go because I heard of all sorts of terrible things that happend on black friday. The following all happend at Walmart's close to my home(according to my neighbor) 1) 8month pregnancy was lost 2) toddler was rushed away in ambulance for medical treatment (mind you personally i don't know why this child was there but come on stepping on a kid???) and #3) A employee died trying to open the door for the crowds and several others were injuried trying to get him out of the way to save him... I can't beleave people can be this crude over sales. Yes there were good sales, but if you have to hurt someone to get them they are not worth it. If sales are more important to you then human life??? well to say the least I dont know how you found my blog if it is. On a sad note, goodnight.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Meal Planning Monday

Well for some strange reason I have just been putting off doing this all day today, BUT!! I will admit I've had a very lazy day. So here it is

Monday: Taco Bell
Tuesday: Hamburger Helper (I very much dislike this but DH and kids love it)
Wednesday: Homemade Mac & Cheese with dinner rolls and maybe some ham
Thursday: THANKSGIVING!!!! at family's house just have to make sweet potatoes
Friday: Crockpot Pizza
Saturday: UGG, I have been here ten minutes and I still don't know!!!!
Sunday: um,um,um, grr I don't know

What's holding you up???

What is holding you up in life?? Is your BUT too BIG!!!! Please read the following blog and give it some thought there are plenty of us (including myself) that have a BUT being too BIG!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

More money saving idea's for Christmas

A long time ago I found a really cool website called ETSY.COM it's like a arts and crafts ebay without the auctions, but with the stores. There are many different craters with all sorts of cool different things, kind of like an online craft bazaar. There were certain project's that I just loved for my little ones, and instead of buying used the site to inspire myself to create several things for the kids from home for christmas. My favorite toy that I saw (that is already sold out til after Christmas) was the card table playhouse's/tents. These are the coolest things I have EVER seen, they are the material (decorated to theme) to fit over your folding card table to make a tent or playhouse for the kids. I was amazed to find that these were not only sold out but that they were $75!!! But I have confidence (from someone learning to sew) that for much cheaper I could make my own, it might not look as cute but my kids will love it!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Saving $$ for Christmas

My ideal budget for Christmas this year is going to be $250 dollars and that includes what we are spending on our children and each other, and the other 50 people (not sure on the # that is just what popped out of my head) and (Yes I am certifiable) I would like to donate a few things to a church that helps people in need. So I will be posting what I have spent on Christmas and what I got, but not who these things are for since my family does read this lol. Last night I made a trade with someone from HCW she is sending me 3 hand-made orniments personalized for Christmas gifts. I am sending her $80 worth of coupons in the mail so my cost is .59 cents for shipping. I am hoping that after Christmas that I will be able to post a picture of everything that I got for what I spent.


Like the rest of us, I'm broke too that is what has been the inspiration to me to save money. Kroger has a mega deal this week where if you buy 10 of certain products then you get $5 off your total. This make the carnation condensed milk .50 a can then there was a coupon out for .50/2 of which I had 17 (so I did one order of 15 coupons and saved the other two for later) since kroger doubles my coupons with no limits my condensed milk was absolutely free. Now take one can of condensed milk and one can of water and you have yourself some 2% milk, you can also use as it for creamer in your coffee.
Besides the coupons that were in the paper I know there are also some of the internet I believe at

Oh so many things that I do online

I am always on the lookout for a great deal or something fun today, many sites can be fun and you earn gift cards and/or free products. Please check this one out

Frogpond Badge

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

Today is thankful tuesday, start by thinking about the toughest part weather it be 5 o'clock rush hour or the 5 o'clock dinner hour. When your getting mad sitting in your car on the way home from work, be thankful that you have a job, be thankful that you have a car, the clothing on your body. What about the moms that are dealing with cranky kids, while trying to make dinner and quickly getting frustrated and trying to not loose their tempers. Now be thankful, be thankful for your husband (for those of whom this apply's), for your children, for the food your cooking, for your home, when your child screams out for attention be thankful that your child is able to scream (currently annoying the daylights out of you however, they can communicate and are not a mute) So go out there and BE THANKFUL for your everything.
Now I have been taught this by two special people, the first was a wonderful women from my church that was helping me to get through very bad postpardom despression after my 2nd child was born. She told me when I start to notice or feel sad, and depressed, and mean stop myself as best I could and start thanking God for all it is that I have. Thank him for your everything from obvious to little things, thanks for pillows, blankets, comfy pajama's, and EVERYTHING you can think of or see. On another occasion I was highly annoyed with my kid's out in public they were both being terrible, they were done and wanted to go home. I told my daughter to stop yelling, a women looked at me and said "Remember to be thankful that she can talk, and communicate to you, that she is healthy and alive" I thanked her for her kind reminder and went on my way. This past week I've been working very hard to stay calm when my kids are driving me up the wall, and remind myself to be thankful for them I sighlently thank god for my children and all their ability's and i can feel myself settle down. Remember when mama's happy, everyone is happy. So go out there and be thankful, thank God for all he has bestowed upon us.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Part of saving money is planning, planning your meal menu's ahead of time mean's that you get all that you need ahead of time and there is not extra money spent on eating out or high priced convince grocery's. So from now on each Monday I will be posting my menu plan.

Monday: Mama's day off!!! So whatever you can find, cereal being my choice.
Tuesday: Spaghetti with cheese bread
Wednesday: Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole
Thursday: Roast with potatoes and veggies
Friday: Home-made mac and cheese w/ sausage
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: Pot pie