Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sick and Shopping don't mix!!

I went to kroger the other night becuase God only knows why I hadn't decided to go before the end of the sale but I didn't. So even though I had been to the after hours clinic and slept 36 of the last 48 hours and still felt tired, nausous, and dizzy I thought I should go I missed the meijer sales so I better go to the Kroger sales.... Oh dear lord I spent $48 Dollars!!!! I was out of my mind I could beleave that I had went so very far over budget ($40 per week) so today or tomrrow I will be returning a few items (dial soap) that I bought that added about $14 on my bill due to the fact that only 3 of 16 coupons doubled I pointed this out to the cashier and she was like "Not all coupons double!" I think she was upset that I was the third couponer in a row that night and the night shift at Kroger is never pleasant about couponers!!! I have talked to a manager about it but that doesn't seem to help and I don't have the time of day to fix everyone else being crabby (really I need to fix me being crabby) so back on subject.... I sat down and figured it all out yesturday (why are kroger receipts so difficult to read)
So for $48 Dollars total I got:
34 cans Chefboyardee (used 10 coupons for .35/3)
16 Dial soaps (used 16 coupons for .35/1 only 3 doubled like they should have)
6 boxes BC fruit snacks (used 3 coupons for .50/2) also got a $3.50 oyno cat
1 Comfort Diapers ($3 coupon)
1 English muffins (clearance to .49 cents)
1 OJ
3 kids yogurt (used 3 coupons for .50/1)
3 yoplus yogurt (used 3 $1/1 coupons)
1 Diaper rash cream (I think the kids eat this stuff, really I don't know where it goes. used $1Q)
1 Dry milk (apparetally I need this to make bread)
1 off brand Pam (no coupons, were just out)
2 boxes of meijer oatmeal

Now the items in red will go to good use (except the soap that will be returned!) however these are the things that put me over my budget and were not planned purchases. So where my bill should have been far less, I was tired and looking for some convenice stuff that wouldn't take effort to prepare for the kids. Lesson Learned NO SHOPPING WHEN SICK!!! sales are not worth it becuase I wonder and A.D.D. kicks in far too much.

Earlier that day I had went to aldi's and spent $14

2 gallons of milk (expirering in 4 days so on special) .99 each
1 bucket of popcorn chicken $3.99 (seems very high to me however was good and filled up fam)
1 bag tator tots (however DH mentioned that he doesn't like tater tots)
1 2lb crate of grapes
1 2lb crate of strawberries
2 freezer bags (becuase I have wanted them before and they seem to be cheapest at ALDI's)

so I went really really REALLY over budget... groan and I am not done shopping for the week. GRRRR

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The Happy Housewife said...

I cannot go shopping while I am sick. I always overspend, and I don't do as good of a job making sure everything is rung up correctly. I hope you are able to return things without a problem.